3D Hentai2 Review

Outstanding features, detailed customization capabilities and constantly upcoming content updates make 3D Hentai2 the leader when talking about virtual sex.
“A milestone in the virtual sex development.”

Let’s review the following game aspects:

  • Account Setup
  • Installation
  • Game Configuration & Customization
  • Virtual Sex Controlling
  • Virtual Sex Animation
  • Content
  • Specials / Techniques

Account Setup

The only thing necessary for getting a free copy of 3D SexVilla 2 from the Thrixxx Website is to enter your e-mail address and to click the “Create Free Account” button. You then will shortly receive a mail including a link for your account activation, that’s it, you then get your account confirmation mail with your account details (username, password) and a link to the members area where you can logon to download your free copy of 3D SexVilla 2.

Accessing a game in such an easy manner is a clear statement of the game producers being committed to their games quality !


The download package includes a fast and easy-to-use installation wizard that runs smoothly. For the first game start just enter your username/password combination, the game itself will then automatically download the latest game updates.

Click on the “New Scene” icon to start a new game, you are offered to take part in a recommendable tutorial which makes you familiar with the controls & menus available and how to use them. The menu items are clearly arranged and intuitive.
The Quick Mode starts with just a girl, the Free Mode starts with a couple.

Game Configuration & Customization

Compared to other games supporting virtual sex 3D SexVilla 2 is outstanding in this category, the possibilities for configuring and customizing this game and especially its sex actors are amazing, combining these customization options leads to long-term fun.
Especially compared to Virtual Hottie 2, the second outrider when talking about virtual sex, the customization possibilities of 3D SexVilla 2 are far beyond.

All the SexPacks (content updates) released by Thrixxx can be unlocked in the Sex(Pack)Shop with the in-game currency SexCoins. You can unlock:

  • New Player Characters (Females, Males)
  • New Sex Toys
  • New Sex Poses (Threesome, 69, etc.)
  • New Rooms and Sceneries (Beach, Fetish Club, Loft, Office, etc.)
  • New Outfits (Latex, Hosiery, Movie Themed, Asian, Doctor, Lingerie, Gothic, etc.)
  • New Body Adjustments (Breast, Vagina, Penis, Skin, Voice, etc.)
  • Specials (FaceMaker: Create your own models)Hint: Dealing with huge cocks isn’t easy for the girls…

Virtual Sex Controlling

The controls are clearly arranged and intuitive to use, controls that are not needed can be moved out of the way. Adapt the toolbar to your most popular commands.
Fuck around in the quick mode, the free fuck mode or even the story mode.

Even control the action in real-time using the VStroker device that easily connects to your PC via USB.

Virtual Sex Animation

The most realistic virtual sex available:
Graphics, animations and possibilities are impressive!
Rich in detail and diversified with properly voiced characters.
Every sex position has it’s own, very realistic movement sequence.

Your own screenshots and videos made during game play are stored in the MediaSection and can be viewed anytime.


Thrixxx is fleshing out 3D Hentai2 by updating content regularly.
Check the News Section of this page to stay tuned to the games recent headlines.

For more specific orientations there are also lesbian girl-on-girl actions and BDSM fetish stuff. The male homosexual guys check out 3D GayVilla 2.

Specials / Techniques

  • Face Maker (free adjustment of model appearance)
  • Story Mode (experience lust adventures)
  • Shop System (spend SexCoins for additional game content)


Excellent work, first class for guaranteed long-term stimulation !


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3D Hentai2 Screenshots

3D Hentai2 Videos

3D SexVilla 2 Fetish Videos3D SexVilla 2 Aircraft Videos3D SexVilla 2 Kinky Videos 

3D Hentai2 Spec Sheet

3D Hentai2

A fully interactive virtual sex game with a huge variety of asian girls, beautiful high detailed graphics and a stunning number of life-like animated sex positions.
TypeSingleplayer Virtual Sex Game
GenreVirtual Sex Game
Platforms Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
PriceFree Account to access a limited censored version of the game.
Acquirable in-game “SexCoins” to remove censor tags and unlock game content.
No monthly fee.
Website3D Hentai2 Website
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